Conserving Water

The speed and convenience of washing your car at Metro Express Car Wash are obvious upon your first visit …which can take as little as five minutes from the time you pull in until you exit. But less obvious is the important fact that we reclaim the water used in our washing process, send the dirt and grime we collect to the landfill to be safely disposed of, and then discharge the excess water into the local water treatment facility. Computer-controlled metering of precisely the amount of water required for efficient cleaning contributes further to conservation.

Fresh water consumed washing your car:

  • Average Home Car Wash: over 100 gallons
  • Average Automatic Car Wash: under 45 gallons

Modern car washes are the most environmentally friendly way to wash your car and the car wash industry and officials recognize Metro Express Car Wash as a leader in protecting water quality. Thanks to water conservation and recycling, one of our car washes uses about as much water as a mid-sized restaurant. The City of Meridian gave us an Environmental Excellence Award for our water reclamation efforts. We also participate in the International Car Wash Association’s Water Savers program, which promotes environmentally responsible business practices.

Our soaps are certified biodegradable and any runoff from our site must be treated. Federal, state and local officials make periodic visits to make sure our pH is within regulatory limits.

Metro Express was named one of the Top 50 Car Washes in Modern Car Care Magazine – the third year in a row Metro Express has been named in the list.

The City of Meridian gave us an Environmental Excellence Award for our water reclamation efforts.Metro Express Car Wash was also awarded the Treasure Valley’s Best Car Wash every year since we opened our first full-service Car Wash in 2004.