It's Unlimited!

When you purchase a Metro Pass, in addition to receiving unlimited washes, we attach a small tag to your vehicle. Every time you come in, our automated teller machines recognize you via this tag (it’s an RFID tag, with about a 10 foot range), the gate automatically opens, and you can pull into the wash – no need to roll down your window. Be sure to use our Metro Pass dedicated lane. It’s very quick and will get you into the wash in no time.

We don’t limit the number of washes a month that you get – come in every day if you’d like.

Each plan is for a single vehicle (if you want to wash multiple vehicles, you’ll need to join each one on its own plan).

Each month, on your anniversary date (example: if you sign up on March 10th, your anniversary date is the 10th of every month), your credit card is automatically charged.

There is no contract and you can cancel anytime you would like.

To sign up for a Metro Pass, come to one of our locations and tell the attendant you’d like to enroll in the Metro Pass plan. They’ll attach the tag to your windshield — have you slide your credit/debit card — and you’ll be good to go. Enjoy!

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