Your Car’s Finish

Whatever your car goes through…it should be going through a Metro Express Car Wash. Why? Because we use the methods specified in the owner’s manuals of top auto manufacturers. Because our automated car wash technology, advanced shampoos and polishing agents have evolved from a 45-year, multi-million dollar investment in developing the safest, gentlest, most effective system for protecting your investment in the vehicle you drive. And because we protect the environment by reclaiming the runoff from the wash process and never discharge it into rivers and streams. So make a quick, convenient Metro Express car wash part of your routine maintenance …and come out way ahead.

True to the finish

Automotive finishes prematurely deteriorate when exposed to the sun’s ultra-violet rays, road oils, tree and bird droppings and other pollutants. The way to help prevent long-term damage from these and other harmful elements is regular washing. At Metro Express, computer-controlled water usage and application are combined with foam fingers (which don’t pick up debris, and are rinsed continuously), along with gentle shampoos that safely lift off dirt to protect the finish and enhance the shine.

Will the car wash remove egg?

If you get to the car wash before the egg dries, it might be removed in the wash. Dried egg is very corrosive, and damage starts almost immediately. Contact a local detail professional if the egg has already hardened.

How do I remove road tar or tree pitch?

There are special products sold in automotive departments for that purpose. Refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s specifications. Whenever possible, try to remove the stain while it is still sticky. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or pads to remove stains from your vehicle’s finish. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly after treatment. Consider protecting the area with a paste wax after cleaning.

My finish looks dull and streaky. Why?

This is usually a sign of oxidation, which occurs as paint ages and decays from exposure to sunlight and road oils. You can slow the process by washing your vehicle often, applying a coat of wax at least once a year, and using our polish wax at least once a month. If oxidation has already occurred, try cleaning the paint with a paint cleaning compound, then polishing and waxing the finish. Or visit a professional detail shop.

How do I protect my clearcoat?

Regular application of the polish in our Metro wash creates a polymer barrier that helps protect clearcoated surfaces from UV rays and airborne contaminants, as well as acids from leaf stains, tree sap, bug spatter and bird droppings …all of which can eat through the clearcoat and cause permanent damage. Our polish is designed to provide a protective polymer barrier for up to 30 days from date of application. So make it part of your “routine maintenance” by washing with us and getting the Metro wash.